My Name Up in Lights

Or in print. Even better.

A few weeks ago, perhaps on a whim, perhaps on a dare,
author Robert Swartwood introduced the world to hint fiction.

Inspired by Hemingway's bad-ass six worder: For sale: baby shoes, never worn, Swartwood set out to determine how short, how complex, how perfectly tiny a story could possibly be.

He settled on 25 words. In fact, he started a contest. And, well, people like The New Yorker
picked up on it.

The premise of hint fiction - making readers think, exposing something bigger than the 25 words on the page - was one that appealled to me. I like it when only a tiny piece is revealed leaving the reader to work for the rest.

So I entered. And
I was chosen as a finalist.

And here's the real kicker - W.W. Norton, yes, that
W.W. Norton, picked up on Swartwood's hint contest (at this point it's probably safe to call it a "movement") and is going to publish an anthology. An anthology that will feature all of the contest finalists.

An anthology that will feature my story Waiting.

So, my first anthology. Actually, my first fiction in print altogether. That always makes for a nice week.

Right now the anthology is scheduled for release in fall of next year, but when I know, you'll know.

And to Mr. Swartwood, thank you

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