My Intro

How I came to operate this blog...the cliff notes version. 

After dabbling in sports journalism for a few years after college, I became increasingly drawn to the world of fiction. Looking back, I can now attribute this infatuation to a number of factors that always existed on some level - an affinity for reading, a stubborness to adhere, my love of lying, etc. 

Anyway, the move away from sportswriting undoubtedly perplexed my father who had/has notions of me becoming the next Grantland Rice or Roger Angell or Tom Haudricourt. 

And while I loved writing sports, still do actually, there's something special about fiction. 

So, fortunately, I've been lucky enough to have some of my shorts published in a variety of places over the past couple of years. You can find links to those stories in the column at left.

The plan is to use this blog as a place to chronicle my journey in writing, in life and as a Notre Dame fan that was 8-years-old and wearing a Tony Rice jersey the last time the Irish won a national championship.

If you're a writer that has stumbled upon this site, welcome. 

If you're a family member, I'll see you at xmas. 

Thanks for reading.

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