A Limerick For Luck

The Madness of March has begun yet again,
the Irish are dancing, halleluiah, amen.
It was an up and down year filled with mistakes and oh no’s,
we groaned in frustration and thought “god this team blows.”
However late in the season came a glimmer, a spark,
on a magical run Tory and Ben did embark.
They stomped through the gauntlet knocking off GTown and Pitt,
suddenly, out of nowhere, this team was the shit!
They slowed down the tempo and started to pass,
and lo and behold we kicked everyone’s ass.
We got into the dance, boasting a six seed to boot,
that miserable winter was suddenly moot.
Now the tourney is here, the fun about to begin,
let’s kick this baby off by stomping Old Dominion.


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