You Know What Happens When You Ass-u-me...

My story "Incorrect Assumptions are Made During Smear the Queer at St. Oliver's Catholic Grade School" is now live at Northville Review.

And currently the record-holder for longest title. Get Some.

Thanks so much Erin!


  1. brendan, this is great stuff

    this evokes a lot of high school memories (on both sides of things)

    some great lines, especially the narrator letting out a squeak and being concerned

    and ha, great title - ravi mangla's piece in emprise (killer story) may come near but yeah you probably win that battle

  2. DE,

    Thanks for stopping by. This one poked and prodded some of the dormant memories that had been lying low in my brain as well.

    I have read Ravi's piece in emprise...very, very awesome.

    Hope the novel is rocking and rolling.