It's An Allusion You Dummy

Just got word that my story Incorrect Assumptions are Made During Smear the Queer at St. Oliver’s Catholic Grade School will appear at The Northville Review sometime in early fall.

In trying to create something clever and Northvilleish for the title of this post I started thinking about migratory goose habits. I then started thinking about why one side of a migratory V is longer than the other.

I then consulted the most reliable source of information in the world, Wikepedia, which is how I arrived at the title of this post.

Turns out one side isn't really longer. It's just an allusion. I like allusions. Perhaps their is an allusion in this short story that will appear at Northville Review this fall. Perhaps I just spent 5 minutes bringing that connection full circle.

Perhaps I'm much too busy for that. Or maybe that's an allusion too.

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